My name is Claudio Polotto and for more than twenty years I have made films and video productions for companies, individuals, public administrations and associations.
I have always thought that the best videos are born when the image is combined with creativity and, thanks to the use of technology, they move people.

Passion and research have led me to create video sequences for national and international companies, but also for small craft shops in which to bring out the quality of Italian products.

Whatever the type of video, my goal is to satisfy the client's communication needs, thanks to high quality filming and post-production techniques: connotative editing, minimalism, fluid long shots and choice of color and light to make each production unique and exciting.

From the subject or from an initial idea, through the collaboration with agencies, copywriters, screenwriters, shooting and direction assistants, I realize videos that give color and warmth to an event, a ceremony or a company.

I put my professionalism and experience in every single phase of production and, through the choice of the best shots, work to give each subject a lively, exciting soul, in line with the client's communication goals.

With passion, commitment and care for the video editing, I also produce high quality artistic and documentary short films, both for agencies and for local and national television broadcasters.

I consider myself a videomaker who produces and films first of all to tell a story, an event or a business; to get not a simple sequence of images, but an authentic film in which the protagonists are people, products, emotions.