Based on the concept, the needs and the client's communication goals, I deal first of all with planning the production, starting from the analysis of the location and the eventual casting, and elaborating a storyboard and a filming plan aimed at optimizing the timing of video making.

Depending on the project, the shots are taken outdoor, sometimes with the support of partners and filming technicians with the drone for very suggestive results, or within a set set up in the location chosen by the customer. For particular and close shots, especially in the case of products, machinery and video training, I shoot directly in my studio in San Donà di Piave (Venice) where there is also a small recording room for dubbing dialogues, voiceover, commercials, etc.

With over twenty years of experience, my production is very wide: from corporate videos, for companies and institutions, to live footage of events and shows; from ceremonies, such as weddings and corporate parties, to music videos.

Depending on the type of project, I work independently or in a team with highly professional partners with whom I have consolidated a close collaboration over many years and various productions.

Each video is treated in detail in every production phase, from setting up the set to filming, from editing to post-production, with the aim of fully meeting customer expectations.


  • Shooting and video editing
  • Advertising spots and corporate video
  • Videotraining for companies, public authorities and individuals
  • Events (concerts, shows, meetings, sport)
  • Videoclip and music videos
  • Backstage (behind the scenes of a live show or a commercial video)
  • Showreel
  • Video footage for TV programs and broadcasters
  • Video for ceremonies (weddings, private parties, etc.)
  • Photo shoot